My Dearest

The bad behavior of the production team on the set of Korean dramas is now being widely exposed by the public. In the midst of this controversy, the behavior of the staff of the drama “My Dearest” starring Nam Goong Min was also exposed to the public.

Fortunately, what was revealed was the polite attitude of the “My Dearest” staff. Media TV Report reported that the staff behaved very politely when asking for understanding and cooperation from passersby when they were filming at the Danyang Ondal tourist attraction.

My Dearest

The staff respectfully asked people to pause for passerby activity on the set during the shooting of certain scenes. The staff’s respectful and polite attitude towards the community has received praise from netizens.

The polite attitude of the staff of “My Dearest” is in sharp contrast to the various controversies regarding the behavior of the drama production team which have received criticism. Some of the staff criticized included “Squid Game 2”, “Mask Girl” to “Mr. Plankton”.

The polite behavior of the staff of “My Dearest” reflects that the production process for Ahn Eun Jin’s drama is going well. They also show that with a little civility and understanding, a balance between public space and the demands of filming can be maintained.

This mutual respect can also contribute to fostering a better public image. This is extremely important, especially in an industry where public perception can have a significant impact on the success of a drama project.

On the other hand, “My Dearest” is currently broadcasting the second part which still focuses on the love story of Lee Jang Hyun (Goong Min) and Yoo Gil Chae (Eun Jin). However, their relationship is threatened by the appearance of a third party, namely Gak Hwa (Lee Chung Ah).

Meanwhile, “My Dearest” part 2 of the first episode which was broadcast on Friday (13/10) immediately scored the highest rating in the same slot at 7.7 percent. Then for the second episode, the sageuk drama’s rating rose again, gaining 9.3 percent.

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