Park Min Young in Marry My Husband

Dispatch shocked the public by releasing a report on Monday (15/1) about Park Min Young’s lies regarding her ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong Hyun. As a result of this media report, the drama “Marry My Husband”, which is starring the actress, was affected by the boycott.

In its report, Dispatch said that Min Young lied when she said she did not receive any funds from her ex-boyfriend. Jong Hyun was detained by the police because he was suspected of committing fraud and embezzling money.

Dispatch said that Min Young received funds reaching 250 million won (around Rp. 2.9 billion) from Jong Hyun. Because of this media report, netizens unanimously said they would boycott “Marry My Husband” which was broadcast on tvN’s Monday-Tuesday night slot.

On the other hand, Min Young’s agency immediately responded to this Dispatch report. Hook Entertainment said that the actress had been investigated by the authorities in February 2023 because her personal account was used by Jong Hyun.

“Through investigation, it was proven that Park Min Young did not do anything illegal and she never profited from taking part in anything illegal. Around 250 million won that the media article mentioned, Kang Jong Hyun used Park Min Young’s bank account. That’s not used for Park Min Young’s expenses,” emphasized the agency.

Meanwhile, “Marry My Husband” tells about the character Kang Ji Won (Min Young) who returns to the past after being killed by Park Min Hwan (Yi Kyung). In the past, she tried to change her destiny so that she was no longer married to Min Hwan.

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