Maestra String of Truth

“Maestra: Strings of Truth” starring Lee Young Ae started broadcasting on Saturday (9/12) last week. However, the tvN drama was affected by the affair plot and reaped the pros and cons.

For information, “Maestra: Strings of Truth” tells the story of a female conductor named Cha Se Eum (Young Ae) who keeps a secret. Se Eum is also looking for the truth behind the mysterious case regarding her orchestra group.

In the 2nd episode, Se Eum confronts her ex-boyfriend, Yoo Jung Jae (Lee Moo Saeng). The two broke up 20 years ago because Jung Jae’s obsession prevented Se Eum from learning how to become a conductor.

Now, Se Eum is married to Kim Pil (Kim Young Jae). However, he again faced Jung Jae who canceled all the orchestra performances she led.

“I plan to cancel all orchestra performances until you get a divorce,” Jung Jae said to Se Eum.

Se Eum, who didn’t want to give up, then emphasized, “This will not go according to your wishes.” He also successfully held free performances with members of her orchestra group.

After that, Se Eum headed to the basement of the concert hall after getting a call from Lee Ah Jin (Lee Si Won). Se Eum was shocked by her husband kissing Ah Jin on the emergency stairs.

The plot of infidelity in the drama about the conductor immediately reaps the pros and cons. Some viewers defended it and called it important for Se Eum’s character development. However, there are also those who are disappointed because the affair plot is again used in Korean dramas.

“That (the affair plot) was an inevitable choice to depict Cha Se Eum’s growth,” commented one netizen. “I expected a story that surpassed ‘Beethoven Virus’ but I was disappointed,” added another netizen. “This good material was ruined by infidelity,” said another netizen.

Nevertheless, “Maestra: Strings of Truth” received much praise for the strong acting transformation of its cast. Young Ae is considered successful in transforming into Se Eun, one of the best female conductors in the country.

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