Lisa managed to captivate fans with her charming charm when exuding her unique aura in a photo shoot with W Korea magazine. In the released photo shoots, the BLACKPINK member appears in an enigmatic yet elegant atmosphere, effortlessly blending in the most challenging avant-garde outfits to pull off.

Reflecting on this year Lisa was asked if there was a moment she would like to remember forever. “Definitely Coachella. In 2019, when I first stepped onto the Coachella stage, I wasn’t too worried. I just want to perform and get off the stage as usual. But now, I understand the audience’s reaction. Especially this year, we have the honor of being the headliners. After finishing the performance and getting off the stage, I couldn’t stop crying,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s frequent phrases during her interviews are “I can’t be perfect 24/7, but I can set standards and do my best” and explains, “I try not to dwell on negative thoughts or emotions. I avoid being consumed by thoughts like ‘Why am I not in a good mood today?’ or ‘If I was in a better shape, everything would be fine’. Even in unfavorable situations, I think ‘Days like this can happen’ or ‘I’ll do better next time’. It’s an ‘Let it be’ mentality.”

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