BLACKPINK personnel from Thailand, Lisa, continues to set new records as K-Pop idols. Having a solo career outside of BLACKPINK, Lisa has created popular songs that have now entered the international arena.

Lisa has now set a new record thanks to her mini album entitled LALISA. The songs on the album are the most played on the music streaming platform Spotify beating Suga BTS’s songs.


On Thursday (6/1), it was observed that Lisa’s mini album had reached more than 460 million streams. Suga BTS’s record through the song D-2 was also successfully passed.

Not only that, Lisa’s mini album is also the fastest to break the record in 116 days. This achievement could not be achieved by other K-Pop solo singers.

Lisa BLACKPINK officially debuted as a solo singer through the mini album LALISA on September 10 2021. The album contains two songs, namely LALISA and MONEY.

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