Rumors of Lisa BLACKPINK dating a conglomerate child, Frederic Arnault, are still a hot topic of discussion lately on social media. Moreover, they have neither denied nor confirmed the rumors until now.

Even recently, the singer of the song “Money” is said to have received approval from family of the man who is suspected of being her lover. The following is some evidence that Lisa BLACKPINK has received approval from Frederic Arnault’s family.

1. Lisa caught to take a holiday with the Arnault family in Greece

The similarity of Frederic and Lisa’s brother-in-law photos on vacation ( |

Recently, there is some matching of photos between the Arnault family and Lisa BLACKPINK had sparked netizen speculation on social media. That’s why there was rumored that Lisa was on vacation with Frederic Arnault’s family in Greece.

This rumor originated from a photo that Lisa took showing a rock arch on a beach in Greece. Uniquely, the photo seems to be very similar to the location in the shot taken by Geraldine Guyot-Arnault, sister-in-law of Frederic.

With the similarity of locations shared by Lisa and Geraldine, netizens suspect that they are traveling together in Greece. Many even thought that Lisa had managed to get the green light from the Arnault family.

2. Brother-in-law Frederic Arnault commented on Lisa’s photo

Frederic’s brother-in-law liked and commented on Lisa’s photo (

Apart from that, Lisa also had time to upload several other photos where she appeared to be wearing a yellow dress that showed off her beautiful back while enjoying summer vacation. This photo made Geraldine even stop by to leave a trail on her Instagram.

Frederic Arnault’s sister-in-law even liked and commented on the upload of one of the BLACKPINK members. This interaction, of course, further fueled netizens’ suspicions about the special relationship that Lisa had between Frederic Arnault.

3. Frederic’s brother was caught liking uploads by Lisa’s fans

Frederic’s brother caught liking Lisa’s photo (

After reportedly having a special relationship with Lisa, Frederic’s older brother, namely Alexandre, was also caught liking the upload of the idol fan from Thailand with the caption, “Mrs. @frederic.arnault” on Instagram.

Because of this, netizens take this as a sign that the Arnault family has secretly supported the romance between Frederic and Lisa. Rumors about the relationship between the two started when they were caught alone in Paris. What do you think?

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