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Lim Ji Yeon shared with the Vogue Korea audience about the contents of her bag. When telling about her favorite things, Lee Do Hyun’s lover revealed that she likes public shopping in a relaxed manner. With her status as an actress who received an award thanks to “The Glory”, is Ji Yeon not afraid of being recognized?

On Tuesday (24/10), Ji Yeon appeared in a YouTube video uploaded by Vogue Korea. One of Ji Yeon’s favorite things in her bag is a wireless earphone case in the shape of a suitcase. The 1990-born actress found a funny item while riding the subway.

“Recently I lost earphones on the plane, so I rushed to buy them. Sometimes I take the subway and found a good case in the underground shopping center at Gangnam Station. So I bought it straight away,” said Ji Yeon.

Because of that story, Ji Yeon received questions about whether people recognized her. As is known, Ji Yeon’s name has skyrocketed since “The Glory” and won the 2023 Baeksang Arts Awards as Best Supporting Actress.

Vogue Korea staff asked, “Aren’t you afraid of being recognized?”

Usually Ji Yeon appears secretive but doesn’t know if people recognize her. As an actress in “The Glory” who is popular in Korea and around the world, it is natural that Ji Yeon is easily recognized.

“I don’t know because I covered myself well,” said Ji Yeon. “I was standing in the shop but no one recognized me.”

Even though she is a famous actress, Ji Yeon can still enjoy public spaces like other people in general. To avoid the discomfort of being recognized by people, she had to cover her face with a hat and glasses.

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon is currently busy with the drama “The Killing Vote”. In 2024, the actress plans to use her time to rest after appearing in various projects this year.

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