Tale of Mrs. Ok

JTBC has announced a number of Korean dramas that are ready to accompany the audience in 2024. One of them is the sageuk drama entitled Tale of Mrs. OK. Lim Ji Yeon and Choo Young Woo have been confirmed to play the main characters.

Tale of Mrs. Ok is Lim Ji Yeon’s first comeback in a sageuk drama after appearing on The Royal Gambler in 2016. Meanwhile, Choo Young Woo challenged the sageuk genre for the first time through this drama. Without further ado, just look at the facts about the drama Tale of Mrs. OK, come on!

  1. Synopsis of the drama Tale of Mrs. OK
Tale of Mrs. Ok

Drama Tale of Mrs. Ok will tell the story of Ok Tae Young (Lim Ji Yeon), a slave who transforms into a lawyer in the Joseon era. However, his entire identity is fake. Later, Ok Tae Young will meet Cheon Seung Hwi (Choo Young Woo) who dares to risk his life to protect her.

The production team said, “There are various stories in this world that cannot be categorized as true or false. Tale of Mrs. Ok is the story of people who live lives like that.” Judging from the background of the main character who faked his identity, he automatically also committed fraud. We’ll find out the reasons behind the choice of these characters when the drama is released, okay?

  1. The director’s new work Sisyphus: The Myth (2021)
Tale of Mrs. Ok

Tale of Mrs. Ok will be a comeback for director Jin Hyuk after last directing the drama Sisyphus: The Myth in 2021. The director has previously directed several hit dramas such as Brilliant Legacy (2009), City Hunter (2011), The Master’s Sun (2013). ) and Legend of the Blue Sea (2016).

Judging from his filmography, Tale of Mrs. Ok is the first sageuk drama directed by director Jin Hyuk as the main director. He most recently directed a sageuk drama in the joint direction for the drama Painter of the Wind (2008). This time, the director collaborated with writer Park Ji Sook who wrote heartwarming stories in the dramas Uncle (2021) and Spring Day of My Life (2014).

  1. Lim Ji Yeon’s role
Tale of Mrs. Ok

Lim Ji Yeon will play the character Ok Tae Young. She is a lawyer who is liked by the people around her. Because, Ok Tae Young often helps even though herself is in difficult situations.

Ok Tae Young is a smart and agile woman who works in a Joseon era law office. However, in fact the name, background and information about Ok Tae Young’s husband are all fake. She had no choice but to live under someone else’s name.

  1. Choo Young Woo’s role
Tale of Mrs. Ok

Choo Young Woo will play a storyteller from the Joseon Dynasty era named Cheon Seung Hwi. He has traveled around Joseon reading novels. However, Cheon Seung Hwi covered his handsome face when entertaining his listeners with the novel he read.

Cheon Seung Hwi is a person who never hesitates in the face of love. When he meets Ok Tae Young by chance, he falls in love at first sight. Not a momentary love, Cheon Seung Hwi even continued to support her even when she had the woman’s real identity.

  1. Tale of Mrs. broadcast schedule OK
Tale of Mrs. Ok

So, are you interested in the love story between a fraudulent lawyer and a storyteller? Unfortunately, you have to wait first. JTBC itself has not announced exactly when Tale of Mrs. OK, it will air in 2024.

The duet of Lim Ji Yeon and Choo Young Woo will add to the list of noona-dongsaeng couples again, here. Let’s wait for their chemistry in this drama next year, okay? Please be patient!

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