The Escape of Seven

Lee Yu Bi made an acting comeback by starring in “The Escape of Seven“. The actress, born in 1990, plays the character Han Mo Ne, a high school student who has a cunning personality and is willing to do anything to achieve her goals.

In “The Escape of Seven”, Mo Ne is a 20-year-old girl who hides her true age and identity in order to attend high school. Her character is described as, “a devil disguised as an angel”.

The Escape of Seven (doc:sbs)

As soon as “The Escape of Seven” was broadcast, Mo Nee’s character became a character that received various responses from the audience. In just two episodes, Mo Ne succeeded in bringing the audience’s emotions up and down, from shock to extraordinary surprise.

At the beginning of the storyline, Mo Ne approaches her classmate, Bang Da Mi (Jung Lael) and turns her into a pawn in her evil game. Mo Ne even succeeded in making Da Mi look like herself, from her hairstyle to the way she dresses.

Mo Ne’s goal is to make Da Mi the scapegoat for her evil deeds. Mo Ne’s cunning reaches disturbing levels when she performs a pregnancy test using Da Mi’s name.


Mo Ne then works with her manager to push Da Mi into a spiral of online hate and humiliation. Even Da Mi’s adoptive father was not immune from manipulation because he was caught in accusations of an inappropriate relationship with his adopted daughter.

In a short time, Mo Ne managed to strip Da Mi of everything she loved. Yu Bi’s acting as Mo Ne received praise from the audience. She expertly navigates the complexities of her character, giving the audience goosebumps.

“The Escape of Seven” is considered successful in proving that Yu Bi is a versatile actress. Her portrayal of Mo Ne fascinated and frightened the audience. Not only her acting, Yu Bi’s visuals in the drama also received praise.

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