The Escape of Seven

The Escape of the Seven” has so far aired 6 episodes. Lee Yu Bi’s appearance as Han Mo Ne, who wants to do anything to achieve her dreams as an idol stole attention.

Han Mo Ne is one of the villains who tortures Bang Da Mi (Jung Lael) with fake news. After Da Mi disappeared, Mo Ne enjoyed a luxurious life as an actress and singer.

Korean media highlighted Lee Yu Bi’s visuals as Mo Ne in episode 5. In one scene, Yu Bi was seen wearing a short baby blue dress. The dress has a lace accent on the chest line, and the A Line skirt flares at the bottom.

The dress worn by Yu Bi is quite cheap for an SBS drama production, where the price is only around 150 thousand won. Even so, Yu Bi was considered successful in exuding a feminine and fresh charm with this dress.


In contrast to her stunning visuals, Uhm Ki Joon said Yu Bi’s character is the most evil character in “The Escape of the Seven”. Han Mo Ne gave birth to a baby in her school’s art room. However, she spread the slander that Bang Da Mi was the one who gave birth in the arts room.

Not only that, Mo Ne also slandered that Da Mi gave birth to a child from her adoptive father, Lee Hwi So (Min Young Ki). At the end of episode 6, Mo Ne even admitted that he was the one who killed Da Mi.

“I killed Bang Da Mi,” said Mo Ne to Geum Ra Hee (Hwang Jung Eum).

On the other hand, the latest episode of “The Escape of the Seven” managed to break records and recorded a rating of 7.3 percent. The drama’s ratings successfully topped the broadcast slot.

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