Strong Girl Namsoon

The drama “Strong Girl Nam Soon” officially ended after broadcasting its final episode on Sunday (26/11). Recently, actress Lee Yoo Mi has been outspoken about the love line of the character Gang Nam Soon, who she plays, with Ryu Si O (Byeon Woo Seok), the villain.

For your information, “Strong Girl Nam Soon” also shows the romance between Nam Soon and Detective Kang Hee Sik (Ong Sung Woo). However, there were many viewers who were “shaken” and supported Nam Soon’s love line with Si O.

It is known that Nam Soon disguised herself so he could become Si O’s confidant. They also showed sweet chemistry which made many viewers excited.

Recently, Yoo Mi expressed her views about Nam Soon and Si O’s love line which received a lot of support. Yoo Mi is happy because it means she succeeded in portraying Nam Soon as an interesting character who suits anyone.

”When I saw her, I thought Nam Soon’s character would suit anyone who was her partner. Aren’t Hee Sik and Si O completely different characters? “I thought being able to get along with the two characters and heard that was possible because Nam Soon was very attractive,” explained Yoo Mi.

Meanwhile, Yoo Mi admitted that she liked the characters Hee Sik and Si O. “I like both of them,” answered Yoo Mi.

Meanwhile, Yoo Mi herself apparently suspected that there were viewers who would support Nam Soon’s love line with Si O. Yoo Mi admitted that Si O was an interesting character even though he was evil.

“Si O’s character is very interesting, and Woo Seok also acts very well, so I think many people will like Si O,” said Yoo Mi.

On the other hand, “Strong Girl Nam Soon” tells the story of mothers and daughters from three generations who are gifted with extraordinary physical strength. They work together to uncover new drug cases that occur around Gangnam.

The last episode of “Strong Girl Nam Soon” managed to reach double digits, namely 10.42 percent. This is a record rating for the JTBC drama throughout its broadcast.

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