Strong Girl Nam Soon

Lee Yoo Mi admitted that she immediately became familiar with Ong Sung Woo on the set of the drama “Strong Girl Nam Soon”. In fact, Yoo Mi admits that she is a shy person.

“I’m shy, so I need time to get close to other people. But I immediately became familiar and comfortable with Ong Sung Woo,” explained Yoo Mi.

“On the physically tiring filming set, we joked a lot and overcame (fatigue) together, so we developed a pretty strong bond. We were able to act together with great teamwork until the end,” she continued.

“Strong Girl Nam Soon” is a spin-off of the hit drama “Strong Girl Bong Soon” starring Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik. This JTBC drama tells the story of Gang Nam Soon (Lee Yoo Mi) who has superpowers.

Nam Soon flies from Mongolia to Korea to find her parents. Nam Soon’s mother and grandmother apparently also have super powers like her.


She was then involved in a drug case in Gangnam, Seoul. Nam Soon then collaborates with a young detective named Gang Hee Shik (Ong Sung Woo) to solve the case.

Meanwhile, newly released still photos show Nam Soon and Hee Shik’s first meeting at the airport. Nam Soon, who is weak for handsome men, appears to be smiling broadly in front of the handsome Hee Shik. In one photo, the two of them made a pinky promise in front of Nam Soon’s luggage from Mongolia.

In another photo, Nam Soon and Hee Shik meet again on another occasion. The two of them work together to solve criminal cases and disguise themselves as workers.

Nam Soon, who has cut her hair short, shows determination and burning anger. Meanwhile, Hee Shik, who is scared, tries to calm Nam Soon.

On the other hand, “Strong Girl Namsoon” will premiere on JTBC on October 7. Don’t miss the fun!

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