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Get married soon, Lee Sang Yeob told the story of his love when it appeared as a guest “Omniscient Interfering View” or “The Manager”. During the pre-release video, it was revealed that the member “The Sixth Sense” had never proposed to his future wife.

In the “Omniscient Interfering View” Episode Saturday (7/10), Sang Yeob was seen wearing a neat suit. Because of his appearance, Sang Yeob was then asked about his plan to get married. As is known the actor born in 1983 was confirmed to be married in March 2024.

When asked whether to take a wedding photo, Sang Yeob smiled while saying, “I will get married in March next year. We have been about 9 months.”

While the MCs like Jeon Hyun Moo, Yoo Byung Jae and Yang Se Hyung is still single, they are curious about how the Yeob will finally get married. From there it was revealed that the actor never proposed or something.

“This is not like ‘let’s get married’ or anything, it only happens naturally,” said Sang Yeob.

One day, the Yeob saw the reservation of the marriage building and there was a mind if he could step into the next level with the lover. They finally just hired a wedding hall.

When asked about how his future wife, Sang Yeob described the figure of a pleasant woman and made her comfortable. About looks, Sang Yeob said that his future wife was very beautiful.

“I’m very comfortable with her, everything is so fun. She is very beautiful in my eyes,” explained Sang Yeob.

The MCs joked who among the women in the studio who were similar to the prospective wife of Sang Yeob. In response, Sang Yeob considered women in a studio like an older sister.

“She is younger than me, but she is wise, and everything makes sense when with her,” said the actor.

Hearing the story of Sang Yeob, Lee Seok Hoon who was married was happy. According to him the more senior, the marriage and beautiful family will make someone more polite so that Seok Hoon himself rarely sounds hard on them.

Furthermore, Sang Yeob, known to imitate Jung Woo Sung’s voice, revealed the actor’s reaction “A Moment to Remember”. Sang Yeob has told his plans to get married to Woo Sung.

“When I tell Jung Woo Sung that I will get married, he said, ‘I will save it first in the calendar next year’,” he said, imitating Woo Sung’s voice.

In response to Sang Yeob’s imitation on Woo Sung’s voice, the whole studio burst out laughing. Sang Yeob was even called by Woo Sung.

Meanwhile, Sang Yeob debuted in 2007. However, he gained popularity through the drama “The Innocent Man”, “While You Were Sleeping, and” Once Again “. Not long ago, he completed the drama” My Lovely Boxer ” Starring with Kim Sohye.

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