The Killing Vote

The Killing Vote discusses the punishment system through voting from citizens. This aims to ensure that criminals who are given light sentences or even released can be punished appropriately. This drama played by Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, and Lim Ji Yeon as the main actors.

Episode 6 of The Killing Vote features Lee Min Soo (Kim Kwon) who may be related to Gaetal, a figure wearing a dog mask. Gaetal is the execution leader. Then, a theory emerged stating that Lee Min Soo might be an accomplice or even the Gaetal. Just take a look at the review below

1. Lee Min Soo’s identity

Lee Min Soo (Kim Kwon) in the drama The Killing Vote

Previously, Lee Min Soo was named Lee Yun Seong. He is a teacher at Seonro High School, where Joo Hyun’s (Lim Ji Yeon) sister, Joo Min (Kwon Ah Reum) goes to school. The school turns out to be a foundation managed by the family of board member Min Ji Young (Kim Yu Mi), Lee Min Soo’s mother.

He dropped out of school in middle school and then earned a GED diploma through home schooling and a quick graduation from an out-of-state university. He has been categorized as a smart child since childhood.

Lee Min Soo majored in Legal Philosophy. However, he received the most awards from Computer Science. He was once ranked 4th in the world in terms of hacking. With his knowledge of law and computers, it is certain that he is good at humanities and science studies. He has heart disease despite his intelligence.

2. Lee Min Soo and Kwon Seok Joo’s relationship

Min Ji Young (Kim Yu Mi) in the drama The Killing Vote (

Kwon Seok Joo (Park Sung Woong) is Lee Min Soo’s next door neighbor. When the murder of Kwon Seok Joo’s child occurred, Lee Min Soo was released due to lack of evidence. As a result, his colleague, Byun Woo Taek (Ahn Young Hoon) was arrested. When asked for information, Lee Min Soo only saw Byun Woo Taek holding a pink bag.


Additionally, Lee Min Soo’s mother, council member Min Ji Young, was present at Byun Woo Taek’s trial. Once declared innocent, he smiled evilly. It is known that Byun Woo Taek’s parents were workers at his house.

A few days later, Kwon Seok Joo was tried for killing Byun Woo Taek. Min Ji Young was present at the trial. Hearing Kwon Seok Joo’s decision to be detained, Min Ji Young smiled faintly.

3. Lee Min Soo’s evidence points to Gaetal’s figure

still cut drama The Killing Vote (

When Lee Min Soo was first asked about punishment through voting by Joo Min, he mentioned that this election was the first. It’s as if Lee Min Soo would know there would be another second election. In fact, the election continued.

Lee Min Soo often opens the LOKI site, he acts as Justice when communicating with the Executor. Strangely, as soon as he said he agreed, Gaetal appeared to tell all the residents.

Then, there was a scene where Kim Mu Chan (Park Hae Jin) got out of Uhm Eun Kyung’s (Jung Hae Na) car which was on fire because of Gaetael’s actions. Apparently, someone made a video. The video was recorded by 2 Seorae High School students who were ordered by Lee Min Soo. The next day, Gaetal showed the video to the public.

Episode 6 shows him wearing a dog mask like Gaetal and giving the video to his mother. There are several similarities between Lee Min Soo and Gaetal, namely having a drinking water bottle, being a legal expert and a hacker.

4. It could also be that he just resembles Gaetal

Lee Min Soo (Kim Kwon) in the drama The Killing Vote (Doc. SBS Drama/The Killing Vote)

Jung Jin Wook (Lee Wan) gave a statement to Kim Mu Chan that Gaetal would punish someone who deserved to be punished. This means that Gaetal monitors criminals who don’t repent and don’t just choose.

However, if this is related to Lee Min Soo, it looks like a deviation from Gaetal’s figure. Lee Min Soo likes playing with women and doesn’t even hesitate to kill innocent people. The mother also knew that she had killed Bae Gi Chul’s (Kim Han Soo) wife.

Gaetal’s figure still makes the audience curious. Regarding Lee Min Soo being Gaetal, that is just a prediction. So, what do you think after reading the description above? You can watch The Killing Vote on Prime Video

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