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Even great boxers like Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) from My Lovely Boxer have experienced what is called an identity crisis. Having been involved in the world of boxing since she was a child, there are still things that make it difficult for her to find her identity.

Therefore, Lee Kwon Sook made the decision to stay away from her old life. This fact has boxing fans in an uproar and wondering where the legend has gone. So she continues to hide behind the name Lee Yu Ri.

Now Lee Kwon Sook is boxing again. Even though at first it was just a contract agreement, slowly she was able to find her identity again. How do you deal with an identity crisis during this time? Here’s the full story.

  1. Realize that everyone has flaws
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Everyone we see as good also has flaws. Don’t be embarrassed to admit your shortcomings, like Lee Kwon Sook from My Lovely Boxer did. She dared to admit that she was afraid of boxing even though she was known as a genius boxer.

From the outside, it seemed as if there was no word surrender in her dictionary. Lee Kwon Sook’s figure also inspired many heavyweight boxers. Who would have thought that this fear would ever be the reason he ran away and wanted to retire early.

During his three years of absence, Lee Kwon Sook has now learned to accept his fears well. Considering how far he has turned away from boxing, she is still haunted by fear. For this reason, accept and make peace with your shortcomings. Focus on your strengths!

  1. Discover new relationships and activities
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It’s not just physical things that need attention, there is also mental health that needs to be taken care of. A genius boxer like Lee Kwon Sook once experienced mental decline. So far, Lee Kwon Sook has had no time for herself other than practicing boxing.

As an athlete, Lee Kwon Sook endured heavy training, couldn’t eat her favorite menu, and was stressed due to pressure from her father. Fed up with all that, she fills her time by teaching in kindergarten. There she met relations and students with various characters.


This gave her a new color that she had never felt before. Now Lee Kwon Sook is back with a different figure. She can enjoy her activities more, even when her body feels tired. It’s really important to try new things every once in a while.

  1. Be responsible for your choices
Kim So Hye in the Korean drama My Lovely Boxer (

Maybe what you thought was wrong at first isn’t always the case. Try to be responsible for your initial choice, it could be where you are. In fact, people who work as a hobby can also feel tired.

If all this time your mind only wanted to escape, then you should learn from Lee Kwon Sook’s character in My Lovely Boxer. Slowly but surely, she began to discover what she really wanted to do by returning to boxing.

Even if you want to continue, do it with all your best effort. So what if from the bottom of your heart you want to stop? So do it wisely and act without hurting other people.

  1. Avoid toxic people around you
Kim So Hye in the Korean drama My Lovely Boxer (

So far, Lee Kwon Sook has always been required to win. Her father was still busy thinking about the match amidst the sadness over his wife’s death.

Leaving all old habits is difficult. However, Lee Kwon Sook dared to decide to live a new life. Including avoiding all toxic people who have a bad influence on her mentality as an athlete.

Lee Kwon Sook is temporarily separated from her father. HShe mingled with many people who sincerely supported her. So that way, there will always be a chance for her to recover. After returning to boxing, fear was no longer something negative for her.

These four methods were applied by Lee Kwon Sook from the drama My Lovely Boxer to deal with an identity crisis. If you are in that phase, don’t hesitate to try it

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