Lee Junho increasingly exists in the world of acting. The 2PM member is rumored to be playing Netflix’s new drama entitled Cashero.

Junho is said to be considering this drama, here. Do you think that the offer will be accepted?

1. No answer yet

Junho 2PM (instagram.com/le2jh)

Reported by Soompi on Thursday (13/7/2023), Lee Junho’s agency, JYP Entertainment, acknowledged that the actor is currently considering the Netflix drama. However, there is no definite answer that can be given.

“Lee Junho accepted an offer to play at Cashero and he is currently considering it,” they said.

2. Overview of Cashero

Junho 2PM (instagram.com/le2jh)

Cashero is a temporary title that may change at a later date. This drama is an adaptation of a webtoon with the same title. So far, what is known is that Cashero is a new superhero whose body can get stronger every time he receives money.

3. Lee Junho will become Cashero

Junho 2PM (instagram.com/le2jh)

So, the offer that came to Lee Junho was the character Kang Sang Woong, the alter-ego of Cashero. If accepted, this will be a new challenge for Lee Junho because he will be playing as a superhero character.

Other information, this will be Lee Junho’s drama series after King the Land which was just ended. Who is waiting for further confirmation?

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