Brave Citizen

Lee Jun Young recently underwent an interview about his acting in the film “Brave Citizen”. The actor talked about his mother crying because he agreed to play an evil character again. His family was worried because he had previously played evil characters.

“I called my mother, and she told me that she didn’t feel well. She said it while crying, so I reassured her, ‘Mom, this is my job. Please don’t cry’. That made me feel very sad,” confessed Jun Young.

Jun Young was actually also nervous about having to play an evil character in “Brave Citizen”. “I feel a little nervous when I have to play a villain because people expect a lot from me in a role like this,” said the handsome actor.

The actor revealed that he really worked hard to make the character in “Brave Citizen” different from his previous roles. “But I’m not sure whether all the efforts I put in will be successful in the final editing,” continued Jun Young.

In “Brave Citizen”, Jun Young plays the character Han Su Gang, a bully at school. “I want to explain that there is no excuse for all bad actions. Playing this character requires endless struggle,” he said.

Jun Young added, “And I kept asking myself, ‘Can I really do this?’ Luckily, the director gave me some good advice on how to get into the role while we were shooting.”

Jun Young also leaked that “Brave Citizen” featured many brutal bullying scenes. The actor explained, “Playing a role that demands constant emotional intensity really drains me emotionally.”

Luckily Jun Young found several ways to overcome the challenges of the role. “To protect my mental health, I hug my pet dog from time to time. I also enjoy exercising, so when I’m not filming, I go to the gym and use a punching bag to freshen up,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Brave Citizen” tells the story of the conflict between So Shi Min (Shin Hye Sun), a teacher who hides her past, and Han Su Gang (Jun Young), an evil student who has absolute power at school. This film will be released on October 20.

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