The Escape of The Seven

“The Escape of the Seven” aired the latest episode on Friday (27/10). In the 11th episode of the SBS drama, the facts about Min Do Hyuk’s (Lee Joon) past were finally revealed and made the audience quite shocked to see them.

It turns out that Do Hyuk is not a child from a poor family as it seems. This handsome man turned out to be the biological son of the leader of Sungchan Group. Meanwhile, Shim Jun Seok or known as K (Kim Do Hoon) is just a fake child.

Do Hyuk and Jun Seok were replaced by secretary Gu (Choi Jin Ho) when they were babies. Jun Seok is actually Secretary Gu’s son, while Do Hyuk is the real son of leader Shim Yong (Kim Il Woo).

Secretary Gu originally wanted to exchange their children for a while so that his son would receive maximum care while in the hospital. But instead he continued it until Jun Seok grew up.

Chairman Shim finds out that Jun Seok is not his biological son after the child gets into a horse accident. However, Secretary Gu continues to lie, stating that Chairman Shim’s child is dead even though Do Hyuk is still alive and well.

Jun Seok already knows that Do Hyuk is Chairman Shim’s real son. However, the man instead tried to kill Do Hyuk in order to show that he was much better than Leader Shim’s biological son.

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