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Mask Girl premieres August 18, 2023 on Netflix. This drama stole the attention because it was adapted from a webtoon and presented an unusual storyline and characters.

Lee Han Byul, who plays Kim Mo Mi A, is in the spotlight. Especially since Mask Girl (2023) is her debut project. Admitting that it was difficult to watch her acting debut, here is Lee Han Byul’s story as reported by The Korea Times!

1. Lee Han Byul tried to build Kim Mo Mi’s character in the first two episodes so that it would be easy for the audience to remember

Lee Han Byul (doc. Netflix/Mask Girl)

Lee Han Byul debuted with the drama Mask Girl (2023) and immediately stole attention. She dared to display intimate and vulgar scenes in her debut acting.

“I have to bring the first part that will affect the end of the story, so I’m worried. I think I have to build the character narrative well at the beginning,” said Lee Han Byul.

According to her, Kim Mo Mi A’s character must be narrated well. So that the audience understands who Kim Mo Mi is and can watch the next episodes.

“It can be difficult to understand the characters, but I want the audience to be motivated to try to understand them,” she said. Lee Han Byul continued, “So I want to present a lot of humanity in her.”

2. To deepen the role, she tried to understand Kim Mo Mi’s mindset

Lee Han Byul (doc. Netflix/Mask Girl)

Lee Han Byul tried to attach her personality to the character Kim Mo Mi A. The reason was so that the character could look more lively and gain the audience’s sympathy.

“I think I can add a lot of my personality (to the character) and be more comfortable and enjoy playing the character,” said the actress born in 1992.

She also tried to understand Kim Mo Mi A’s mindset. Although she admitted, some of the choices Kim Mo Mi A made were wrong and should not be imitated.

“It would be an exaggeration if I said I agree with Kim Mo Mi’s choice, but in my heart, I understand the shortcomings that Kim Mo Mi has. It’s not about appearance, but about her desires and how she achieves them,” said Lee Han Byul.

She added, “I see Kim Mo Mi as a character who believes that someone in the real world will love her like the viewers on live streaming. Kim Mo Mi’s way is not normal and it’s hard to feel sorry for her, but I tried to imply that in the middle his actions. I tried to portray his thoughts and emotions well.”

3. Lee Han Byul admits that she had difficulty watching the first two episodes of Mask Girl (2023)

Lee Han Byul (doc. Netflix/Mask Girl)

Even though her acting was flooded with praise, it turned out that Lee Han Byul had difficulty watching the first two episodes of Mask Girl (2023). In fact, she immediately skipped to episode 3.

“I couldn’t watch the first two episodes, so I watched episode 3. I really enjoyed watching the episodes starring my colleagues (Nana and Go Hyun Jung), and I watched episodes one and two after that,” said the actress who owns the Instagram account @lhanbyeol.

Lee Han Byul continued, “Because they portrayed me and this was the first time I took part in a drama that many people watched. I couldn’t enjoy it as a viewer. I often stopped and replayed when watching it.”

It turns out that the reason Lee Han Byul couldn’t watch the first two episodes was because she wanted to review how her acting debut was in the drama Mask Girl (2023). It’s no surprise that Lee Han Byul has been flooded with praise thanks to her popularity!

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