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Since appearing at various summer festivals, recently Kwon Eunbi‘s popularity as a soloist has been increasing rapidly. Because she succeeded in entertaining the audience, she also earned the nickname Summer Goddess because of her totality on stage.

But Kwon Eunbi’s popularity, which was obtained due to her appearance at the summer festival, was not spared from obscene comments from some netizens. To protect Kwon Eunbi’s privacy, the following actions are taken by Wollim Entertainment. Check this out!

1. The agency responds to Kwon Eunbi who is the target of vulgar comments on social media

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Kwon Eunbi’s appearances at various summer festivals really made an impression on the hearts of the audience. Apart from looking stunning and providing satisfying fan service, her outfits never fail to be in the spotlight.

However, her popularity made Kwon Eunbi the target of vulgar comments. Until Tuesday (29/8/2023) yesterday, Woollim Entertainment stated that they had observed an increase in comments that were misinformation and sexually explicit.

“Recently, we discovered several posts in online communities and social media that were defamatory, sexually explicit, and even spread misinformation. We are aware of inappropriate content in the posts and have gathered evidence regarding this. We issued a statement This is after deciding that we can no longer remain silent,” Woollim Entertainment explained to SPOTV News.

2. The agency will take firm action against evil content creators

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Woollim Entertainment as the agency that oversees Kwon Eunbi then stated that they plan to take legal action against these malicious comments and will continue to monitor social media and websites in the future.

“In the future, we will take legal action against all malicious and vulgar content that we find. For this purpose, we ask fans to help us by sending these posts via email to us,” the agency continued.

3. The agency promised to protect Kwon Eunbi

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Woollim Entertainment ended their statement by stating that they would do their best to protect Kwon Eunbi as an artist, and asked for fans’ continued support.

“We will do our best to protect the rights of our artists. We ask that you continue to support Kwon Eunbi,” the agency concluded ending the statement.

This warning comes after Kwon Eunbi’s popularity has grown rapidly because of her outstanding live performances at various summer festivals this year. So, because of that, keep on giving lots of support to Kwon Eunbi as a soloist!

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