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Showing simple support and concern is what KPop idols expect from their agencies. They want to be treated well, even appreciated for their hard work. Unfortunately, sometimes agencies are so selective by giving priority to other artists.

A number of Korean idols also admitted that they received unfair treatment from their agency. According to them, their agency cares more about other artists and seems to ignore them. This action actually hurt them.

1. Danny Ahn g.o.d

Danny Ahn g.o.d (

Danny Ahn shared his experience due to the biased attitude of his agency in the 20th Century Boys program in 2013. After receiving support as a g.o.d member, he wanted to develop by carrying out individual activities. He told the agency about his desire to try acting.

Instead of supporting him, his agency disapproved of his interests. Danny was hurt because the agency supported Yoon Kye Sang in acting, but did not do the same for him. In fact, he is determined to become a successful actor in dramas.

Danny still tried hard even though no one acknowledged it when he first entered the world of acting. He admitted that those times were very difficult for him. His group mate, Taewoo, admitted that this was the first time he heard these hidden feelings from him on the program.

2. Dasom ex-SISTAR

Dasom, former SISTAR (

Dasom cried when talking about her agency’s unfair treatment at the Happy Together event in 2012. She started by saying that the CEO of Starship Entertainment didn’t call or say anything on her birthday. However, the CEO immediately contacted and congratulated Hyolyn every time she had a birthday.

Dasom also told of another incident, when she was hospitalized during her scheduled appearance abroad. Nobody from the agency came to visit or find out how she was doing. On the other hand, when Hyolyn was sick, the agency CEO immediately bought various snacks and visited her at the hospital. Dasom couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw the unfair treatment in front of her.

3. AOA


Reported by Koreaboo, AOA once revealed that the CEO of FNC Entertainment didn’t care about them at an event. ChoA said that she never had the opportunity to talk to the CEO. The reason is, the CEO only wants to talk to artists who have achieved success in the entertainment industry. He often ignores AOA.

Chanmi explained, the CEO just wanted to memorize their names in the “Miniskirt” era, which became a turning point in AOA’s popularity after 2 years of their artist debut. The CEO never cared about them during the 2 years of promotion. ChoA added that the CEO also only wanted to eat with them once. while, he often eats with his other artists, CNBLUE and FT ISLAND.

The CEO who was at the event defended himself, saying he felt awkward spending time with female artists like AOA and Juniel. He said that AOA rejected him when he asked to eat together with the reason that it was awkward.

However, ChoA quickly denied this. According to them, the CEO never bought them food. They had to take the initiative first by sticking a message on the CEO’s car asking him to eat together. Because, at that time they did not have their respective cell phones.

The KPop idols above openly complain about the agency’s act of favoritism which makes their feelings hurt. This is natural, considering that they definitely want to receive concern from the agency which should not ignore any of its artists by showing fair or impartial treatment.

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