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Trainees in South Korea are certainly looking forward to the day they officially debut as KPop idols. It’s just that, that doesn’t mean the obstacles stop after they finish their training period. In fact, their feelings are increasingly complicated by the public opinion and the work involved.

A number of female KPop idols have even felt that they were not worthy of debut. They feel that the preparation is immature so they can’t keep up with other members who are considered more talented and experienced. These feelings make them feel inferior. Anyone who has ever felt this way?

1. Yubin ex Wonder Girls

Yubin, former Wonder Girls (

Yubin shared her feelings when she just debuted to replace HyunA’s position in a YouTube content in 2020. She was sad because she was compared to HyunA who left Wonder Girls. Many people consider HyunA to be more charming and talented than her. She was slowly losing confidence.

Even so, Yubin didn’t want to sink into that feeling all the time. She worked hard by learning to dance, sing, and get acting lessons. Everything she does is to prove that she is worthy of debut, even though she is only a rapper. In closing, she advises other idols not to be influenced by other people’s words and believe in yourself.

2. Sandara Park ex 2NE1

Sandara Park (

Sandara Park revealed the most difficult time in her life on Video Star in 2021. When 2NE1 disbanded, she felt anxious because she had to make a career alone. Because, he always felt that he can only shine with 2NE1.

In fact, even when promoting as a member of 2NE1, Sandara felt that she was of no use to anyone because all her group mates had strong and prominent talents. She had a hard time singing more parts in 2NE1’s songs, feeling that her voice would only harm the group.

The disbandment of 2NE1 made Sandara even worse for 2 to 3 years. Her self-confidence dropped dramatically. But slowly, she began to rise from the slump by developing her individual career. She’s happy now. It’s just that, Sandara regretted the period in which she didn’t enjoy her promotions as a 2NE1 member.

It wasn’t until Sandara realized that she was as talented as her band mates that she started her solo career. Even so, she tried to enjoy her individual promotions as best she could.She started holding fansigns and performing on her own, then started to have confidence in her abilities. She no longer feels like an idol that is useless or talentless now.

3. Joy Red Velvet

Joy Red Velvet (

In an interview with Allure magazine in 2020, Joy admitted that she was not confident with her face when she just debuted. She felt not as beautiful as a doll. Although talented, he realized that the face is often the first thing that attracts people’s attention.

Joy felt hurt because of this inferiority complex. She also tries hard to look more beautiful. However, he eventually stopped trying to fit in with other people’s standards. She no longer hates her face. To him, not hating every part of himself was important.

4. Yein ex Lovelyz

Yein ex Lovelyz (

In 2021, it was revealed that Yein is a contemporary dance student who has no interest in the entertainment industry. However, she had to give up her dream of becoming a professional dancer due to a serious ankle injury.

While on hiatus, she studied singing and dancing as a hobby, then auditioned at Woollim Entertainment. Apparently, the audition went well and she passed.

Yein was even able to debut after 3 months of training. Instead of feeling lucky, Yein actually feels fear every day because everything is going so fast and she is not ready for her new career.

For her, she made her debut without proper preparation. She also doesn’t have strong friendships with the other Lovelyz members. Yein feels anxious more often after debut. In addition, she felt inferior because of her physical appearance.

However, now she realizes that being able to debut is a lucky one for her. She understands that not everyone can be as lucky as her and decides to work hard to become a better person.

5. Eunchae LE SSERAFIM


In a documentary set in 2022, Eunchae states that she is worried that she will not be able to do her job well. Compared to other LE SSERAFIM members, she doesn’t feel that she stands out too much.

Eunchae was indeed grateful to be able to debut with her group mates who already had a lot of experience even before having a career in Korea, but that also made her insecure. Eunchae was afraid that she wouldn’t stand out and would have a hard time keeping up with them. She also often feels intimidated due to her lack of experience.

Later in an interview with Weverse Magazine, Eunchae felt that she was not feeling as bad as she used to be. She still felt a bit unprivileged herself, but tried to deal with her feelings. The Maknae also tries not to compare herself to other members. Now, she is grateful that many fans have praised and appreciated her talent.

6. Gowon LOONA

Gowon LOONA (

In an interview with KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC in 2021, Gowon admitted that she had difficulty debuting after only two weeks of passing the auditions. She initially attended the academy to develop her dancing talent. The academy gave her the opportunity to audition in various well-known agencies. So, she had time to choose an audition at BlockBerry Creative.

After qualifying, Gowon made her debut with the song “One and Only”. Her agency also gave her the opportunity to record immediately. The very fast process makes it difficult. She felt not ready at that time. According to her, her skills in dancing and singing are not good enough.

Gowon also cried when she first recorded her song at the studio. She was also confused about how to express herself to members and staff. Even so, Gowon strengthened herself by trying to be more confident. The other members also helped her to settle in, especially Yves who was always by her side.

The KPop idol above felt that she was not worthy of debut due to being too inferior in judging her abilities. This feeling is valid because popularity often comes with consequences such as insecurity and various other concerns.

Therefore, fans try to always convince that they are talented. Luckily, they slowly realize that they deserve to be idols and appreciate their hard work so far.

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