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My Dearest” so far has presented as many as 6 episodes. Interestingly, MBC’s drama ratings, starring Nam Goong Min and Ahn Eun Jin, suddenly skyrocketed in episodes 5 and 6 and even beat SBS’s “The First Responders”.

In the two latest episodes, Nielsen Korea noted that “My Dearest” earned ratings of 8.4 percent and 8.8 percent. Whereas the rating for the previous two episodes was only around 5 percent. The reason for the drastic rating increase for “My Dearest” was exposed by the Korean media.

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The Korean media suspects that word of mouth has been going well since the end of the fourth episode. When Yoo Gil Chae’s (Eun Jin) group is attacked by barbarians, Lee Jang Hyun (Goong Min) arrives at the right time to save them.

When the barbarian was about to attack Jang Hyun from behind, Gil Chae suddenly shouted, “My dear, watch out!” Luckily Jang Hyun managed to kill the barbarian. But the man suddenly asked, “Did you just call me, ‘My dear’?”

The thrilling ending of the fourth episode of “My Dearest” received an explosive response from the audience. The scene has racked up 138k views and 620 comments based on portal site Naver. The video related to episode 4 of “My Dearest” also exceeded 3 million views.


The ending of the fourth episode “My Dearest” was made to spark excitement and anticipation. The ripple effect from the end of the fourth episode continues well in episodes 5 and 6. The closer to the ending, the clearer the romance between the two main characters becomes more clear.

On the other hand, the achievement of a high rating for “My Dearest” was also linked to “The First Responders”, starring Kim Rae Won. The reason is that these two dramas clashed broadcast times and Goong Min expressed his confidence in “My Dearest”.

When he found out Rae Won did not know the title of the drama, Goong Min said, “Our drama title only has two characters, don’t you know? How many characters are in your drama title?” Goong Min also said, “Rae Won, I have confidence.”

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