My Dearest

The drama “My Dearest” Part 2 has finally started broadcasting. However, Korean media highlighted Lee Da In’s screen time, which was considered to be getting smaller. The appearance of the new character Lee Chung Ah is also considered to be displacing and could make Da In’s screen share even smaller.

Lee Da In plays Kyung Eun Ae, Yoo Gil Chae’s (Ahn Eun Jin) friend since childhood. In “My Dearest” Part 1, Eun Ae is engaged to Nam Yeon Jun (Lee Hak Joo), who Gil Chae once liked.

“My Dearest” is Da In’s first drama after she married actor Lee Seung Gi. Her acting in Part 1 received praise, where she was said to have succeeded in portraying the character Eun Ae with a subtle but unique and passionate charm.

My Dearest

However, Eun Ae rarely appears in Part 2, which has only aired 2 episodes so far. She only appeared when Gil Chae was taken prisoner and Goo Won Moo (Ji Seung Hyun) suspected that his wife had run away. After realizing that Eun Jin was being held captive by the Qing Dynasty, Won Moo also left for Shenyang.

“Unless there are new incidents, it is estimated that Lee Hak Joo and Lee Da In’s remaining appearances in Joseon will be even smaller,” wrote Ten Asia media.

If Da In and Hak Joo act as a sub-couple in Part 1, then Lee Chung Ah and Ji Seung Hyun are expected to be the characters involved in a love quadrangle with Ahn Eun Jin and (Nam Goong Min) in Part 2. Eun Jin’s character is still in love Goong Min however decides to marry Seung Hyun.

Meanwhile, it is predicted that Chung Ah will also be an obstacle to Eun Jin and Goong Min’s love story. This speculation arose because Chung Ah’s character said, “I can’t lose the man I want to another woman”.

“Lee Da In and Lee Hak Joo were relegated to supporting roles in Part 2, pushed by Ji Seung Hyun and Lee Chung Ah. However, there are still 8 episodes left in Part 2 so there is still room for new events to occur for the two,” explained Ten Asia .

“However, for Lee Da In, who showed off her presence in ‘My Dearest’, the reduction in screen time in Part 2 is clearly disappointing. This is even more true when compared to her older sister Lee Yu Bi, who is currently showing off her presence as the villain Han Mo Ne in SBS ‘The Escape of the Seven’, a competing drama in the same time slot,” he said.

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