Lee Yoo Mi and Lee Yu Bi

Korean media recently compared Lee Yoo Mi who starred in “Strong Girl Nam Soon” with Lee Yu Bi who starred in “The Escape of the Seven”. The two actresses are considered to have a similar fate, where both managed to become hits through weekend dramas even though they have actually been in their careers for a long time.

Lee Yoo Mi debuted in 2009 as an advertising model. After that, Yoo Mi’s acting career was considered not to have shined until she starred in the Netflix series “Squid Game” in 2021.

In “Squid Game”, Yoo Mi plays the role of one of the players named Ji Yeong. Through this series, Yoo Mi managed to leave a strong impression and steal attention. She even won the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series award at the 2022 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

Lee Yoo Mi and Lee Yu Bi

In 2022, Yoo Mi made the audience emotional through her role as Lee Na Yeon in the drama “All of Us Are Dead”. He is also the main character in the drama “Mental Coach Jegal”. The drama recorded low ratings, with 1.5 percent in the first episode and 2.5 percent in the final episode.

Now, Yoo Mi is considered to be starting to gain success again through the drama “Strong Woman Nam Soon”. The drama recorded a rating of 4.3 percent in the first episode, and 6.1 percent in the second episode.

“In particular, Yoo Mi received positive reviews for her ability to digest Kang Nam Soon’s dialogue naturally, as she (Nam Soon) taught herself how to speak Korean in Mongolia and only knows informal language and her grandmother’s way of speaking,” wrote Sports Chosun media.

“The initial increase in audience ratings is also unusual. So if this trend continues, Lee Yoo Mi is expected to become a successful main actress through ‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’,” he continued.

On the other hand, Lee Yu Bi debuted through the drama “Vampire Idol” in 2011. He played Song Joong Ki’s younger brother in the drama “The Innocent Man”, and starred in a number of hit dramas such as “Gu Family Book” to “Pinnochio”. Even so, it is considered that Yu Bi cannot completely escape the image of actress Kyeon Mi Ri’s child.

The drama “The Escape of the Seven” which aired last month is considered to be a turning point for Yu Bi. He plays Han Mo Ne who is willing to do anything to achieve success.

“She (Yu Bi) sparked the anger of the audience with her poisonous acting for the first time in a long time,” wrote the journalist.

Fans were also shocked to see the crimes committed by Mo Ne behind her beautiful, angelic appearance. “The Escape of the Seven” received a good response, with ratings of around 7 percent.

“Strong Girl Nam Soon” and “The Escape of the Seven” will compete for the weekend broadcast slot starting October 14. Stay tuned for Yoo Mi and Yu Bi’s appearance!

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