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Previously, the relationship between Yubin and tennis athlete Kwon Soon Woo had received the green light from fans. This is because they look harmonious and often spend time together in between their respective activities.

But recently, KNetz showed their anger on social media at Yubin’s boyfriend after his inappropriate behavior while competing at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and even asked the former Wonder Girls to break up. Here’s the chronology!

1. Kwon Soon Woo got angry on the court after losing to a tennis player from Thailand

portrait of Kwon Soon Woo, Yubin Wonder Girls’ boyfriend throwing a tantrum on the field (doc. Yonhap News)

On September 25 2023, the 112th ranked Korean tennis player, Kwon Soon Woo, who is the boyfriend of Yubin Wonder Girls , faced the 636th ranked Thai tennis player, Samrej Kasidit in a match which Samrej Kasidit won with a score of 2-1.

The controversy that angered KNetz began after the match when Kwon Soon Woo appeared to explode in anger over the loss and broke his racket after repeatedly hitting it on the court.

Even worse, because of his defeat, Kwon Soon Woo is said to have not shaken hands with Samrej Kasidit after the match finished. In fact, it is the most basic form of sportsmanship in sports.

2. KNetz asked Yubin Wonder Girls to break up with Kwon Soon Woo because of his attitude

portrait of Wonder Girls’ Yubin and boyfriend (instagram.com/iluvyub)

This incident went viral throughout Asia with the video of Kwon Soon Woo’s anger having been viewed more than 6 million times in China. His embarrassing appearance has also become a hot issue in Korea, because he is in a relationship with Yubin Wonder Girls.


Even Kwon Soon Woo was immediately flooded with criticism on social media. Many KNetz began to express their desire for Yubin Wonder Gils to break up with the Korean tennis player citing the boyfriend’s lack of control over his anger in public.

“If Yubin were my daughter, I would never let them get married,” wrote one KNetz in an online community regarding Kwon Soon Woo’s attitude, reported by Koreaboo.

3. Kwon Soon Wo uploaded a letter of apology via his personal Instagram

portrait of Kwon Soon Woo’s apology letter (instagram.com/soonwookwon)

However, because he did not want to continue to be criticized for his inappropriate behavior while competing in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, Kwon Soon Woo also uploaded an apology in the form of a handwritten letter via his personal Instagram on September 25.

In his post, the tennis player apologized to the Korean public for his inappropriate actions after being defeated by Samrej Kasidit from Thailand. However, as if she didn’t care about the criticism, Yubin Wonder Girls seemed to like her boyfriend’s post.

“Hello, this is Kwon Soon Woo. I did something embarrassing as a National Team athlete after losing to Samrej Kasidit in the second round of the Asian Games. I apologize to everyone who supports the National Team and the audience. I’m sorry,” he wrote.

Even though Kwon Soon Woo has admitted his mistake and uploaded a letter of apology to the Korean people, his attitude is still called inappropriate and should not be done when competing. Hopefully this incident will not happen again

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