King The Land

Almost all romantic dramas definitely have a wedding scene shown. Netizens recently discussed various wedding scenes that they thought were the most memorable. “King the Land” and “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” was also praised as having the best wedding scene.

Most netizens think these two dramas have the best wedding scenes. In “King the Land“, Cheon Sa Rang (SNSD’s Yoona) and Gu Won (2PM’s Junho) finally got married after going through various obstacles in their relationship.

Meanwhile, in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”, Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) finally marries his secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young), who has always been by his side when it comes to work. They finally became household partners.

According to netizens, the wedding scenes of Sa Rang and Gu Won and then Young Joon and Mi So were made completely by the production team. They even thought it was not just a drama scene, but a real wedding scene.

Apart from the two dramas above, netizens actually still mention the wedding scenes of other dramas such as “Because This Is My First Life”, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”, “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”, “Strong Girl Bong-soon” and many more.

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