King The Land and Strong Girl Nam Soon

The success of “King the Land” and “Strong Girl Nam Soon” is considered because the two dramas have similar formulations. The two dramas of different genres received high ratings and popularity when broadcast by JTBC TV station.

The combination of the JTBC weekend time broadcast slot with a childish plot is considered to be the formulation that made “King the Land” and “Strong Girl Nam Soon” achieve similar success. These two dramas both air in the Saturday-Sunday night slot.

“King the Land” which has finished featuring a special romance between 2PM’s Junho and SNSD’s Yoona. The plot of this drama was said to be childish because it depicts a “Cinderella romance” between a chaebol family and ordinary people.

Despite the plot being considered childish, the first episode of “King the Land” started with a high rating of 5.1 percent. The drama continued to experience an increase in ratings until the highest reached 13.8 percent.

Meanwhile, “Strong Girl Nam Soon” depicts three generations of women in one family starting from grandmother, mother and daughter who was born with superpowers. They will later investigate drug crimes centered in Gangnam.

With a similar childish plot, “Strong Girl Nam Soon” scored a high rating since the start of broadcast, namely 4.2 percent. The drama, starring Lee Yoo Mi and Ong Sung Woo, has achieved a rating of 9.8 percent in the fourth episode.

Although “Strong Girl Nam Soon” has only aired 4 episodes and is still in its early stages, attention is now focused on whether the formulation mentioned above is true. Then can the drama really follow in the footsteps of the success of “King the Land” until the end.

According to FUNdex, a data company that analyzes online topics of K content as of October 16, “Strong Girl Nam Soon” proved to be very viral among viewers. The drama ranked second in the TV-OTT hot topic category.

Meanwhile, “Strong Girl Nam Soon” will air its latest episode on Saturday (21/10). Don’t miss watching it.

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