My Demon

“My Demon” has presented a teaser showing the wedding scene of the main couple, Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang. Recently, the price of the jewelry Yoo Jung wore for this sacred scene was revealed.

For the wedding scene, Yoo Jung was seen wearing a necklace and earrings from the Swarovski brand. The earrings are Mesmera drop earrings mixed cuts, white, rhodium plate for 175 USD (around Rp. 2.75 million).

Meanwhile, for her necklace, Yoo Jung wore a Mesmera necklace mixed cus, white, rhodium plate with a price of up to 350 USD (around Rp. 5.5 million). The total price of the jewelry worn by the actress is around IDR 8.25 million.

My Demon

The price of the jewelry Yoo Jung wears in “My Demon” is relatively cheap. The reason is that even though it’s just a drama prop, the staff usually gets even more expensive jewelry sponsors, especially for a wedding scene.

On the other hand, “My Demon” is a romantic fantasy drama about a wealthy heiress, Do Do Hee (Yoo Jung) and the demon Jung Gu Won (Song Kang). One day, the devil lost his power and they ended up having a contract marriage.

Do Hee is the heir to the Mirae Group who doesn’t trust anyone, but he suddenly becomes interested in Gu Won. Meanwhile, the devil has lived for hundreds of years by taking advantage of human bad luck. Gu Won uses human souls as collateral.

As soon as the teaser for “My Demon” was released, netizens were already fascinated by the visual combination of Yoo Jung and Song Kang. However, there were some sarcastic comments that refused to watch because the writer of this drama script had been accused of plagiarism.

Meanwhile, “My Demon” is scheduled to air on November 24. For those who are curious, don’t miss watching it.

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