My Demon

My Demon” production team is increasingly promoting intensively ahead of the premiere. On Tuesday (17/10), SBS presented photos and videos showing Kim Yoo Jung, Song Kang and other players conducting a script reading session.

In one of the released photos, Yoo Jung and Song Kang appear to be making a couple heart pose with cheerful smiles. Meanwhile, in another photo, the main couple of “My Demon” looks seriously reading their respective scripts.

My Demon

According to the production team, the actors who came to the location of the “My Demon” script reading session showed enthusiastic acting. The synergy between the actors is said to be perfect. They also maximize the charm of their respective characters.

“My Demon” tells the story of a marriage contract between a conglomerate heir named Do Do Hee (Yoo Jung) and a demon who has lived for hundreds of years, Jung Gu Won (Song Kang). The demon who lost his strength decided to stay temporarily by Do Hee’s side.

In “My Demon”, Do Hee is shown as a level-headed character, and cynical about love. Yoo Jung was praised for being able to express the “sweet and salty” charm of Do Hee’s character in great detail, especially in the emotional part.

Meanwhile, Gu Won is a demon who has lived for 200 years by exploiting the souls of the humans who become his victims. Song Kang is praised for completing the unexpected charm of the devil who decides to protect Do Hee, because her powers are gone.

The production team specifically highlighted Yoo Jung and Song Kang’s amazing chemistry from the beginning of the script reading session. From their visual chemistry to the tiki-taka dialogue in the script, the two are expected to raise expectations for “My Demon”.

Meanwhile, “My Demon” is prepared to be broadcast as a replacement for “The Escape of the Seven” in the Friday-Saturday night slot. This drama is scheduled to air starting November 24. Don’t miss watching it.

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