Kim Yoo Jung in My Demon

“My Demon” released a shooting video for the third episode on Tuesday (5/12). The video reveals various funny moments on the set. One of them was when Kim Yoo Jung had difficulty removing her ring while filming proposing to Song Kang.

The video footage shows Yoo Jung deepening her role as Do Do Hee and proposing to Jung Gu Won (Song Kang). Hilariously, the actress seemed to have difficulty removing her ring. Yoo Jung took a few steps back with an embarrassed expression.

The video also shows another interesting moment when Song Kang is enthusiastic about receiving the ring Yoo Jung gave him. This moment is drastically different from the drama plot where Gu Won firmly rejects Do Hee’s marriage proposal.

Kim Yoo Jung in My Demon

The process of filming the funeral scene in “My Demon” was also quite full of laughter. Yoo Jung often laughs out loud because of Lee Sang Yi’s behavior on set. However, they immediately focused again on their respective characters when the camera started recording.

On the other hand, the plot of “My Demon” shows Do Hee who is filled with sadness because of the death of his adoptive mother, Ju Cheon Suk (Kim Hae Sook). She was shocked after learning that Cheon Suk’s death could be due to a murder committed by her biological son.

When the announcement of the heir was revealed, Do Hee surprisingly got all of Cheon Suk’s property. However, the young woman must fulfill the conditions left by Cheon Suk, namely to marry within 1 year.

Do Hee was initially uninterested in Cheon Suk’s legacy, but eventually changed her mind. Do Hee, who wants to find the mastermind behind the death of her foster mother, finally decides to propose to Gu Won. However, Do Hee’s proposal was flatly rejected.

Meanwhile, “My Demon” achieved a fairly low rating of around 4 percent when it was broadcast. However, this drama proved successful in attracting the attention of overseas audiences because it secured 2nd place in the global top 10 for non-English shows on Netflix.

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