My Demon

The couple in the drama “My Demon”, Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang, managed to take home the Best Couple trophy at the 2023 SBS Drama Awards. Interestingly, Yoo Jung’s hilarious reaction is now circulating when her hot kiss scene with Song Kang was played and shown in front of many people.

Netters then immediately highlighted Yoo Jung’s reaction, who looked embarrassed when the kiss scene played. The 1999-born actress immediately covered her face with the paper she was holding because she couldn’t hold back her embarrassment.

Yoo Jung continued to laugh a little and didn’t want to look at the screen playing the intimate scene with Song Kang. Suddenly, the fans were also excited by Yoo Jung’s hilarious behavior.

My Demon

Yoo Jung’s face also looked in disbelief when her and Song Kang’s names were announced as Best Couple at the 2023 SBS Drama Awards. She immediately covered her mouth with her hands.

Unfortunately, Song Kang could not attend this opportunity. So, Yoo Jung had to receive the trophy alone. Fans are also curious about Song Kang’s reaction when he is shown the hot kiss scene with Yoo Jung again.

”I heard this is an award where fans vote. I want to thank the fans,” said Yoo Jung while carrying two trophies. “I am a big fan of the other nominated couples because they showed extraordinary performances in the drama.”

”I wanted to share my feelings because I think this is an award that everyone can receive. The actors, director and team staff of ‘My Demon’ worked very hard. “I will give this award to Song Kang,” read the continuation of Yoo Jung’s winning speech.

According to information circulating, Song Kang could not attend due to a busy schedule. Song Kang’s victory with Yoo Jung as Best Couple also sparked debate.

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