Kim Woo Bin & Park Bo Gum

Kim Woo Bin and Park Bo Gum both showed outdoor activities when making their latest Instagram posts. Exuding a different aura, what if Woo Bin versus Bo Gum’s styles while enjoying the autumn season which is soon ending in South Korea were compared each other?

Through an Instagram post on Sunday (8/10), Woo Bin showed off his extraordinary body proportions in an outdoor photo. In the portrait, Woo Bin is wearing a suit which makes Shin Min Ah lover appearance look sophisticated.

In the photo, Woo Bin shows a more mature side in a beige suit and brown shoes while standing under a tree. Its slender legs stand out even more in muted colors while the surrounding leaves appear to turn yellow under the bright sunlight.

On the other hand, Bo Gum shared photos of outdoor activities on Monday (9/10). The photos full of “boyfriend material” vibes were taken by Bo Gum while on a trip to Andong.

Showing a pleasant mood, Bo Gum showed off a more relaxed style when smiling brightly among the blooming pink flowers. The 1993-born actor wore a blazer combined with a t-shirt and hat, relaxed but still exuding handsome visuals.

In his post, Bo Gum said, “This is a holiday that I will one day look back on and say, ‘It was a fun time.'”

Meanwhile, Woo Bin recently appeared in the drama “Dark Knight”. Since recovering from nasopharyngeal cancer, Woo Bin has returned to being active as an actor by appearing in “Our Blues” with Min Ah in 2022 and several other projects.

Meanwhile, Bo Gum is currently preparing for the Netflix drama “Thank You for Your Hard Work”. In this drama, he co-stars with IU which is set on Jeju Island in the 1950s.

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