Kim Tae Ri & Ryu Jun Yeol in Alienoid Part 2

“Alienoid” Part 2″ held a press conference attended by Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Woo Bin, Honey Lee and other players on Wednesday (3/1). On that occasion, Tae Ri revealed that her real relationship was with Jun Yeol helped with the filming process.

Tae Ri said at the press conference, “When taking on a project, it’s good to know how the relationship between the actors started and how close their characters are. The fact that Mu Reuk and Yi An have had a relationship since childhood is quite helpful.”

“So, the friendship I built from previous work with Ryu Jun Yeol was very helpful. In this film, the two characters felt a strange attraction from their first meeting, and our actual relationship was very helpful in illustrating that,” continued Tae Ri.

Kim Tae Ri & Ryu Jun Yeol in Alienoid Part 2

Tae Ri’s words were approved by Jun Yeol who said, “The more often we work together, the more it looks on screen that Tae Ri and I are very good at understanding & communicating with each other. There are various types of friends, and I consider Kim Tae Ri to be a friend very close.”

Jun Yeol also brags about his relationship with Tae Ri. “Yoo In Tae once said that good colleagues are an asset in an actor’s life. Sharing personal stories with Kim Tae Ri & Kim Woo Bin while spending time together really helps our work,” he added.

Director Choi Dong Hoon also discussed the wedding scene played by Tae Ri and Jun Yeol. “When the two were about to shoot the wedding scene for the first time, they asked, ‘Is this a melodrama?’ I firmly said no, but they seemed to really like it,” said the director.

Jun Yeol also shared his thoughts about playing the role of a robot. “I wore the same clothes that Kim Woo Bin wore. It wasn’t embarrassing at all, it was actually fun. I didn’t need to put on make-up, and didn’t have to worry about costumes, it was really fun while filming,” he said.

Meanwhile, “Alienoid? Part 2” will depict the story of humans and wizards who return to the past to save everyone. This film will be released starting January 10. Don’t miss watching it.

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