Kim Seon Ho and Park Bo Young

Kim Seon Ho and Park Bo Young’s meeting unexpectedly attracted attention. The two of them met on stage at the 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards which was held on Friday (24/11).

At this event, Seon Ho and Bo Young coincidentally stood next to each other when they both went up on stage to receive the award. This moment occurred because they both won trophies for the Popularity Award category with Song Joong Ki and Jo In Sung.

Kim Seon Ho and Park Bo Young

At first, Seon Ho looked shy and kept quite a distance from Bo Young. Seon Ho’s behavior made Bo Young laugh. The actor, born in 1986, was then caught on camera when he glanced several times at Bo Young who was standing next to him.

Seeing Seon Ho who looked nervous, Bo Young did not hesitate to direct her junior in the world of acting. This actress, born in 1990, directed Seon Ho’s position before the two of them took a group photo with the other winners.

During the photo session, Seon Ho was seen maintaining his manners next to Bo Young. The famous actor was caught on camera reflexively avoiding Bo Young because he almost touched the actress’s body by accident. He also kept his hands from touching Bo Young by holding the trophy tightly.

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