Kim Sejeong

Kim Sejeong is now one of the judges in the SBS survival program entitled “Universe Ticket”. In the latest episode broadcast on Saturday (18/11), the 1996-born actress gave sharp criticism to two participants who had just finished appearing.

The participants who received sharp criticism were Kwon Chae Won, a former member of DIA and Jieun from the girl group BUSTERS. As soon as the two appeared, the “Universe Ticket” judges were not impressed, but rather disappointed with them.

Sejeong immediately gave sharp criticism by saying, “In my opinion, K-pop girl group members don’t have to be good at singing or dancing. However, if you’re not good at those things, you have to hide it perfectly when appearing on stage.”

Kim Sejeong

Sejeong emphasized that the weaknesses of the girl group members should not be known to the audience. “K-pop stars practice hard to hide their flaws on stage. K-pop stars work hard to give perfect performances,” she added.

Sejeong revealed that a few seconds of appearance from K-Pop idols is still very important. “Even if you only sing for 20 seconds in your group’s song, you should be able to hide that you didn’t sing well for those 20 seconds,” she stressed.

Sejeong continued to criticize the participants in front of her. “You sang for 82 seconds today, but I don’t think the duration of the song shows your lack of ability. I thought it would be the same as 20 seconds. Maybe you two should practice harder,” continued Sejeong.

Sejeong’s sharp comments were based on her experience as a former member of a K-Pop girl group. She previously joined IOI and Gu9udan, before both groups were disbanded. Sejeong is now focusing on her solo career as a singer and actress.

Meanwhile, Sejeong recently successfully starred in “The Uncanny Counter 2”. The actress is currently considering a new acting offer given to her. Stay tuned for the latest information here.

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