Kim Jong Kook in Running Man

“Running Man” aired the latest episode on Sunday (7/1). In the 687th episode, Kim Jong Kook was seen revising his own words which could have sparked controversy. The episode shows Noh Sang Hyun telling about Jong Kook’s score when trying out a punch machine in Denmark.

Sang Hyun who was a guest on “Running Man” said, “Kim Jong Kook and I played a punch machine in Denmark, and I noticed that Jong Kook had soft fists. The highest score was 999 points, but (Jong Kook’s score) was only 92 just points.”

Sang Hyun’s statement shocked everyone, considering that Jong Kook’s great physical strength can sometimes make people feel scared. The singer who was born in 1976 tried to provide clarification by saying, “There is a story behind it.”

However, Sang Hyun continued to tease him by saying, “I made a vest with 92 written on it.” When Sang Hyun showed him the vest, Jong Kook asked, “Whose idea was this?” Yoo Jae Seok then said, “I’m very surprised now. I’ve never seen a character like this before.”

Jong Kook, who was embarrassed, finally said, “I train to hit people, not to hit machines.” However, the singer who was born in 1976 seems to be aware that his words could trigger controversy among the “Running Man” audience.

Kim Jong Kook in Running Man

Jong Kook immediately revised his statement by saying, “I practice hitting living creatures to protect myself (as a form of self-defense).” The man seemed careful not to be associated with bullying rumors.

On the other hand, Jong Kook also made another controversial statement when he mentioned Sang Hyun’s personality. Jong Kook, who knew that the actor was the quiet type, said, “If you don’t talk much today, I will kill you.”

Meanwhile, “Running Man” is now only active with 5 members. Jeon So Min was announced to be leaving, while Ji Suk Jin took a temporary hiatus to recover. However, Suk Jin’s position is being temporarily replaced by Kim Dong Hyun.

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