Running Man

Running Man” aired the latest episode on Sunday (22/10). In the 676th episode, Kim Jong Kook appeared to be bleeding when he received an acupuncture injection from an expert. The “Running Man” member also received a surprising warning from the expert.

The latest episode footage shows Jong Kook, Haha and Yang Se Chan getting the opportunity to enjoy heaven in the first round. Meanwhile, other “Running Man” members and SEVENTEEN (II) unit BooSeokSoon were forced to experience moments of hell.

In heaven, Haha got the opportunity to undergo acupuncture and Chuna manual therapy. Jong Kook complained about his shoulder being very tight. “Here. It’s so tight,” complained Jong Kook. “Acupuncture will solve it soon. Please lie down,” said the acupuncturist.

“Wait. Will it soften right away?” Jong Kook asked in disbelief. But in the end he lay down according to the expert’s instructions. “You have built enough muscles. But they become weak due to excessive use,” said the expert.

The acupuncture needle was stuck in Jong Kook’s shoulder and the “Running Man” member winced slightly in pain. “Jong Kook will only make that sound if it hurts a lot,” said Se Chan who started to peek at how the expert cared for Jong Kook.

Running Man

Se Chan immediately screamed because the acupuncture needle shifted at several points on Jong Kook’s shoulder. Plus, the acupuncturist unexpectedly said that Jong Kook was bleeding because of the process. “You’re bleeding, so wait a minute,” the expert said.

Jong Kook was immediately shocked to find out that he was bleeding. “You’re bleeding. Doctor! Doctor! He’s bleeding here,” shouted Se Chan excitedly. “How can you make me bleed? My muscles are twitching,” complained Jong Kook, still lying down.

The acupuncturist explained that Jong Kook’s muscles should be able to relax. The expert then cleaned Jong Kook’s blood and asked him to sit down. “Can I sit while I’m bleeding?” Jong Kook asked. “Yes, you can sit,” answered the expert.

However, the expert gave a surprising warning to Jong Kook. “For a few days, you may feel stiff. However, you will feel lighter,” said the expert. When Jong Kook asked why he was bleeding, the expert said it was normal.

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