Kim Ji Hoon revealed his experience working with Jeon Jong Seo and director Lee Chung Hyun on the film “Ballerina”. The actor openly revealed his jealousy of the couple’s relationship on set.

Ji Hoon initially said that Jong Seo and director Chung Hyun were like an adorable campus couple. “I can see how much they care about each other. I worked with both of them on the set,” said the actor.

Ji Hoon even knows the moment when Jong Seo and director Chung Hyun fought. “On one occasion, I realized that the two of them weren’t spending time together on set (as usual),” said Ji Hoon.

“I asked about it and found out that they were fighting and hadn’t spoken for three days. However, they never showed it while working, so everything was the same as usual on set,” continued Ji Hoon.

This is what makes Ji Hoon jealous of the relationship between Jong Seo and director Chung Hyun. “They were a charming couple. Within days, they got back together, and that sometimes makes me a little jealous,” continued the actor.

“Ballerina” marks the first time Ji Hoon and director Chung Hyun have worked together. “The director and I did not have extensive discussions about this project. I immediately felt that my character was well represented in the script. I know the director worked hard to bring that character to life,” praised Ji Hoon.

Meanwhile, for Jong Seo, who is the main co-star in “Ballerina”, Ji Hoon also praised him. “She is an extraordinary artist and actress. Personally, I have to consistently try to get recognition as an artist like her. But hers is an art form in itself,” concluded Ji Hoon.

Meanwhile, “Ballerina” is a film about Ok Ju’s (Jong Seo) revenge for the death of her best friend who died due to Pro Choi (Ji Hoon). The film has been released by Netflix since October 6. Don’t miss watching it.

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