Death's Game

Super Junior’s Kim Ji Hoon and Choi Siwon were present at the “Death’s Game” press conference held on Wednesday (13/12). On that occasion, Ji Hoon apologized to Siwon for his behavior when they were on the set of the TVING drama.

At the press conference, Siwon initially discussed Ji Hoon’s behavior while on the set of “Death’s Game”. “I came to the location after the shooting process started and Kim Ji Hoon had already shot several scenes,” said Siwon.

“When he arrived on set, it was clear that he was completely immersed in his role, perhaps even too much. It had been quite a while since we last saw each other, and I was very happy to see him again. However, before we even said hello, he started to give me distance.” continued Siwon.

Hearing Siwon’s words, Ji Hoon hurriedly provided clarification. “At that time, we were filming a scene that showed no feelings. I probably treated it like that because I was so engrossed in a character who had a bad relationship with his brother,” answered Ji Hoon.

Death's Game

Ji Hoon looked at Siwon and said, “I’m sorry.” Siwon immediately responded to the apology by saying, “No, it’s okay. I also have a strong desire to beat him, my brother.” In “Death’s Game”, they play as brothers.

Siwon then answered the question about what he noticed when playing the character Park Jin Tae. “In my opinion, there’s not much I need to add because the shooting location and background around Park Jin Tae are so perfect,” said Siwon.

Siwon teased Ji Hoon again for his attitude on set. “I was just surprised by Kim Ji Hoon’s cold attitude towards me, before starting to enter the scene, that’s all,” said Siwon, triggering laughter from people in the press conference room.

Meanwhile, “Death’s Game” part 1 will be released on December 15. Meanwhile, part 2 will be released on January 5. For those who are curious, don’t miss watching it.

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