Kim Go Eun in Yumi's Cells

Kim Go Eun was invited to be a guest star on Fairy Jae Hyung’s YouTube channel on Sunday (4/2). There, the actress, born in 1991, revealed her concerns when starring in the drama “Yumi’s Cells” which combines animation and reality.

“‘Yumi’s Cells’ is a work that I was also very worried about. Since it was first planned and I was cast, I admit to asking questions like, in the animation process, do the actors wear tights and is there CG?” said Go Eun.

Go Eun was confused about how the filming process for “Yumi’s Cells” would go because the concept of the drama was combined with the animation of the cells in her head. “At that time, even when we were talking about the animation and the real version combined, it was actually a challenge for everyone because there was no clear animation work or release,” she added.

Kim Go Eun in Yumi's Cells

Go Eun then revealed the cause of her worry when starring in “Yumi’s Cells”. “It’s a challenge for the people producing it and also a challenge for the actors, so I’m very worried,” confided the actress.

Go Eun reveals how to play the character Yu Mi in “Yumi’s Cells”. “Yu Mi, in particular, her cell just came in when she said her lines. On set, when she said her line, she stopped and the director read her cell lines,” Go Eun confided.

Go Eun usually listens to the director of “Yumi’s Cells” which represents the dialogue of her cells during filming. The actress even tried to hold back her tears when the director read the dialogue where her cell asked her not to cry.

“Even when crying. The director (representing the cell) said, ‘No, you can’t cry. I held it in like this, but my emotional cells said, ‘I feel like I’m going to cry!’. Then I really cried,” added Go Eun.

Even though it was difficult at first, Go Eun started to get used to it and found filming “Yumi’s Cells” to be fun. “But lately it’s been really fun. Now I’m in tune, ‘Ah, that cell in the middle’,” said Go Eun with a laugh. What do you think?

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