30 Days

The position of Kang Ha Neul’s hand on Jung So Min’s body when the two of them cut the cake together drew attention from fans on Twitter. This moment occurred at the farewell event for the film “30 Days” held by the team.

Ha Neul and So Min were asked to cut a cake with their movie poster together. On this occasion, So Min was seen holding her own knife.

When So Min prepared to cut the cake, Ha Neul then put his hand on So Min’s back. The actor was recorded placing his hand on So Min’s back until the actress finished cutting the cake.

30 Days

Not only are Ha Neul and So Min close, their closeness with the staff is also clearly recorded in the video. They were busy joking around at the party.

So Min via her personal Instagram account also showed the video. He wrote “Farewell meal” on the Instagram Story.

So Min’s post immediately spread on Twitter. The fans were really excited by Ha Neul and So Min.

Previously, Ha Neul also received praise for his gentlemanly attitude towards So Min. The actor immediately took off the jacket he was wearing to protect So Min who was wearing a short skirt.

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