30 Days

Kang Ha Neul was caught on camera when he was busy looking after Jung So Min who was wearing a short skirt. The two of them were revealed to be present at the cinema for the final promotion of the film “30 Days” which was held at CGV Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province on Saturday afternoon local time (28/10).

At the end of the event, the cast of “30 Days” took time to take photos together with fans. They sat on the floor so the fans behind them could be seen.

A man initially bowed in front of So Min as if inviting the actress to sit down. However, the beautiful actress refused and asked the man to get up.

At the same time, Ha Neul prepared to take off the jacket he was wearing. The handsome actor immediately covered So Min’s legs with his jacket.

Ha Neul’s action also seems to have been stopped by So Min. However, the actor who was born in 1990 is determined to look after his partner in this film.

Ha Neul decided to cover the back of So Min’s skirt with his jacket. The chorder also let So Min sit on his jacket so he could sit comfortably. After taking a group photo, Ha Neul immediately took his jacket.

Ha Neul’s gentlemanly actions made the fans happy. He is said to be a role model for all men.

Meanwhile, Ha Neul’s hand gestures during an interview with So Min also received attention. The fans were excited by the moment the two had at that time.

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