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Junho 2PM apparently chose to be his character Gu Won in “King the Land” for one month. The actor’s idol story was teased because of SNSD’s Yoona. In the last episode of the JTBC drama, Junho and the beautiful actress were shown getting married.

In his latest interview with the ELLE KOREA YouTube channel, Junho was asked to choose whether he wanted to live one month as Gu Won or King Jeongjo in “The Red Sleeve”. “Gu Won. I can feel more comfortable,” said the actor.

Junho also mentioned another reason he wanted to be Gu Won “King the Land” for 1 month. “I can take a private jet and will have a car that is warm and comfortable for me. Anyway, I want to live as Gu Won for a month,” he continued.

Junho’s interview attracted the attention of fans who were busy teasing him. Many suspect that the actor born in 1990 chose to play Gu Won because he wanted to continue to have the status of Yoona’s husband, even if only in dramas.

He wants to live as Gu Won for 1 more month. Gu Won is now Cheon Sarang’s (Yoona) husband. He likes to see Sarang every day so he often visits Hotel Amor,” wrote one netizen. “Will there be an S2?! Looks like my son (Junho) asked for it,” added another.

In the interview, Junho also revealed the genre he wants to take in his next acting project. “After military service, I starred in two dramas ‘The Red Sleeve’ and ‘King the Land’. The characters I played were rather serious so in my next work, I wanted a more relaxed and realistic character who was really comfortable. That’s what I thought about for right now,” he said.

However, Junho emphasized that he had not yet confirmed his new acting project. Even though the actor has received many new acting offers after “King the Land”. One of them is the Netflix series “Cashero” where the actor is still in the consideration stage.

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