The Matchmakers

The Matchmakers (2023) is a romantic comedy drama starring Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun. This drama has a saeguk theme set in the Joseon era. This drama tells the story of Sim Jung Woo, who is the smartest man who managed to get the highest score during the selection test to enter the palace civil service. Because of his achievements, the king ordered him to marry the old princess.

The wedding was held, but something unexpected happened. The princess actually died suddenly during the wedding ceremony. Because of this incident, Sim Jung Woo’s fate changed completely. He became a widower who was not allowed to remarry, because he was the princess’s ex-husband. For eight years, Sim Jung Woo tried to petition to cancel his marriage to the princess, the petition was never approved by the king.

Until finally the king gave him a chance. The king promised to approve the petition he made to annul his marriage, on the condition that Sim Jung Woo could marry three old maids who were the daughters of Dr. maeng. Sim Jung Woo was only given two months to get the three of them married. This is summarizes the twists and turns of Sim Jung Woo marrying three maeng spinsters in The Matchmakers, below, keep scrolling!

1. Sim Jung Woo immediately went looking for a matchmaker who could help him find the right husband for Dr. maeng

The Matchmakers

Determined to complete his mission this time, Sim Jung Woo made his mission this time his last chance to cancel his marriage to the princess. As soon as the decree was given, Sim Jung Woo immediately went to look for a matchmaker who could help him. Sim Jung Woo went to the inn where the matchmakers usually gathered.

When he conveyed his meaning, none of the matchmakers agreed, because according to the matchmakers, Dr. Maeng is very difficult to conquer. Dr. Maeng apparently has the determination not to get married. Then the matchmakers advised Sim Jung Woo to go to meet Mrs Yeo Joo, the famous matchmaker who never fails to match people. Mrs Yeo Joo is actually Jung Soon Deok, the widow of the deputy prime minister’s family.

2. Sim Jung Woo must persuade Mrs Yeo Joo to cooperate with him

The Matchmakers

Sim Jung Woo was involved in an inappropriate incident with Mrs. Yoo Jeo before this meeting. The two of them had fought and argued just because of a romance novel. This makes it even more difficult for him to carry out his mission. Sim Jung Woo doubts that Mrs. Yeo Joo will cooperate with him after the bickering incident that occurred between the two.

Not wanting to just give up, Sim Jung Woo was finally willing to go to Mrs. Yeo Joo’s house and apologize for the previous incident. Sim Jung Woo tried to control his temperament and came with all humility to invite Mrs Yeo Joo to work together in completing his mission.

3. Sim Jung Woo, who is physically weak, had to climb a mountain to get to Dr Maeng’s residence to meet his three daughters

The Matchmakers

Sim Jung Woo, after being left by the princess during their second wedding ceremony, Sim Jung Woo had to live in a large pavilion alone. For eight years, Sim Jung Woo lived as a widower, not mingling with the palace family, which left him with a weak body. He often feels pain in his chest every time he sees a couple making out.

However, in order to complete his mission, he was willing to climb the mountain to meet and persuade Dr. Maeng. Sim Jung Woo even sprained his leg because he kept forcing himself to travel when he felt weak. Jung Soon Deok, who went with him, finally tried to massage Sim Jung Woo’s feet for a while so that Sim Jung Woo could continue his journey.

4. Convincing the mothers of Dr. maeng

The Matchmakers

The mother of the three Maeng spinsters turned out to be blind. Her mother said that her three daughters did not want to get married and chose to take care of her who could not see. The mother insisted that there was not a single man in Joseon who would be suitable to accompany her three daughters. Both of them were even expelled when they had not finished conveying their true intentions.

Jung Soon Deok, who is an expert in this matter, finally helped persuade him. Jung Soon Deok managed to get the mothers of the three virgins to talk privately. After a long chat, the mother of the three virgins melted and agreed for Jung Seo Woo to find husbands for her three daughters, and the real search began!

The Matchmakers has aired a total of three first episodes. Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun succeeded in building strong chemistry in this romantic comedy drama through their acting in every scene. This drama airs every Monday and Tuesday via KBS TV station, are you interested in watching it or not?

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