Jung So Min in 30 Days

Jung So Min recently underwent an interview session about her role in the film “30 Days”. One of the topics discussed by the actress was that she accused Kang Ha Neul of never changing clothes while filming the romantic comedy.

So Min revealed that she and Ha Neul had a close friendship that made fun of each other on the set of “30 Days”. “We really like teasing each other. When we are filming, Ha Neul likes to wear casual clothes,” said So Min.

The actress accused Ha Neul of never changing clothes when leaving for filming “30 Days”. “He appeared on set wearing the same clothes every day. So I asked, ‘Have you ever washed your clothes?’,” said So Min.

Receiving accusations like that, Ha Neul just laughed. “He just laughed and said, ‘I have several clothes with the same design’. His reaction was so funny that I couldn’t stop making fun of him,” continued the beautiful actress.

So Min also discussed the audience’s reaction who felt that “30 Days” was like a sequel to the film “Twenty” in which she starred with Ha Neul. “I didn’t understand at first, but after seeing the final edit, I understood,” said So Min.

“I jokingly suggested that we star in ‘Forty’ in our forties. If there’s an interesting script, I want to act with him again. He (Ha Neul) hasn’t changed a bit. I don’t know how he did that. He’s grown more mature as actor with many years of experience,” continued So Min.

So Min also revealed why he was so interested in starring in “30 Days”. “I think the script is very interesting. I read it all at once, and want to star in this film. Na Ra’s open character is very attractive to me,” said the actress.

So Min really admires Na Ra’s character even though she doesn’t find much in common with her real personality. The only similarity that So Min and Na Ra’s character have is the determination to give the best to their choices. What do you think?

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