Joo Hyun Young in The Story of Park's Marriage Contract

Joo Hyun Young underwent an interview with local media on Wednesday (10/1). In her interview, the actress, born in 1996, discussed her acting in the MBC sageuk drama entitled “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”.

One of the things that Hyun Young discussed was that she failed to make Park Eun Bin feel jealous when she watched her acting with Lee Se Young. “I talked quite a lot with Eun Bin while filming ‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’,” she said.

“However, the only message I received from her was, ‘I enjoyed watching your latest work, Hyun Young. Keep it up!’ “Actually, I wanted her to be jealous of my extraordinary chemistry with Se Young, but it seems I failed,” added Hyun Young.

Previously, Hyun Young honestly admitted that it was difficult to act as if she had been friends with Se Young’s character for years. In fact, they actually just met when they starred in “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”.

“It was difficult at first. It doesn’t mean you can be very close to someone just because you want to, you know. When we weren’t close, I found it very difficult to act as if we had been friends for years,” said Hyun Young.

Hyun Young revealed how Se Young approached her on set. “Se Young is also not very extroverted, but it seems like she feels responsible for approaching me first. She also tries to be friends with me in real life,” continued Hyun Young.

Hyun Young also talked about Se Young’s kindness on the set of “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”, especially those who helped him to act. “Not only is she friendly, but she also likes to help. She helps me a lot with acting,” said the actress.

“Every time I had trouble on set, she would understand it and come to me to check if everything was okay. She was always like, ‘Ask me anything about acting’,” concluded Hyun Young. What do you think?

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