Captivating The King

Jo Jung Suk is currently busy starring in the drama “Captivating the King”. The actor, born in 1980, plays the character Yi In, a man who turns into a cruel figure as soon as he assumes the title of king. He did not hesitate to punish anyone suspected of treason.

Jung Suk’s acting as a cruel figure in “Captivating the King” received special attention from Korean media, Osen. The media praised, “Jo Jung Suk has shown his sharp sensitivity in placing his character in the vortex of palace politics amidst many enemies.”

“He left viewers breathless with his cold eyes, warm voice, and irresistible charisma. At the same time, Jo Jung Suk very well conveyed the burden and suffering of his character,” added media Osen.

Captivating The King

The media also revealed that Jung Suk succeeded in making viewers completely captivated by his extraordinary acting. In particular, the depiction of emotionally intense scenes received praise for making the audience able to relate.

Viewers were also said to be amazed to see a very different side of Jo Jung Suk, when his character Yi In ascended the throne. His determination, cold demeanor, sometimes extreme ferocity, and sharp gaze truly amazed the audience.

The media also said that Jung Suk was successful in making an acting transformation. He completely lost the comedian image he had when starring in “Hospital Playlist”. Now, the actor portrays a noble figure who is dignified, calm and earnest.

On the other hand, this praise for Jung Suk is inversely proportional to journalists’ comments about Lee Sung Kyung’s performance in “Captivating the King”. Previously, Korean journalists criticized Sung Kyung’s beautiful face as not being suitable for playing a character disguised as a man.

Meanwhile, “Captivating the King” managed to rank in the top 7 most watched TV shows globally on Netflix. As far as the six episodes broadcast by tvN, this sageuk drama has also achieved the highest rating, reaching 6 percent.

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