Moving” won an award at Content Awards & Global OTT Awards 2023 as part of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) on Sunday (8/10). However, the public still feels that the drama starring Jo In Sung is inferior to “Squid Game”.

“Moving” surprisingly managed to win 6 awards at once at the 2023 Content Awards & Global OTT Awards starting from Best Creative, Best Writer, Best Lead Actor, Best Newcomer Actor, Best Newcomer Actress to Best Visual Effects.

According to experts, “Moving” could actually be even more successful if it was broadcast on Netflix. Maybe even the success of the drama starring Han Hyo Joo can beat “Squid Game” Lee Jung Jae and friend.

“If ‘Moving’ is released on Netflix, it will be a box office hit surpassing ‘Squid Game’,” said one expert. Disney+ is also said to fail to provide a streaming service environment that surpasses Netflix.

However, this expert’s opinion was dismissed by viewers who felt that “Moving” was still inferior compared to “Squid Game”. “‘Squid Game’ is no longer just a drama, it is a cultural icon recognized throughout the world. Don’t compare it with third-rate dramas like ‘Moving’,” wrote one viewer.

“‘Moving’ is good but it will never be a big hit in the US. America already has a popular series called ‘Heroes’ and compared to that, ‘Moving‘ is weak and less fun,” added another.

“‘Moving’ wasn’t that good. It kept dragging on so I stopped after the 8th episode. Watching people fly like ‘Superman’ became very cliche. ‘Squid Game’ on the other hand sucks you in every episode with its various characters and different psychological expressions,” said another viewer.

Meanwhile, “Moving” is now highly expected to be working on season 2. Meanwhile, “Squid Game” is currently working on season 2. Don’t miss out on providing support for these two dramas.

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