Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo

“Unexpected Business 3” reveals a moment that would definitely be should not to be miss. The reason is that in its latest teaser, Jo In Sung still seems to keep up his role as married to Han Hyo Joo in the drama “Moving” which has already ended.

The latest teaser for “Unexpected Business 3” shows In Sung embracing Hyo Joo. The man seemed worried because the actress seemed to be coughing. In Sung flexibly took over the bag that Hyo Joo was carrying.

The teaser also shows the moment when Hyo Joo holds the camera and takes a photo of In Sung who is posing cool. After that they were seen eating with the members and other guest stars of “Unexpected Business 3”.

Interestingly, at that moment, Hyo Joo and In Sung got into a bit of an argument like a real couple. When she saw In Sung eating his food, Hyo Joo said, “I just ate it.” In Sung politely answered, “Just eat. So what? We’re married after all.”

The wedding that In Sung refers to of course refers to the drama “Moving”. In the drama, the characters Lee Mi Hyun (Hyo Joo) and Kim Do Sik (In Sung) get married and they have a son named Kim Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha).

Meanwhile, “Unexpected Business 3” is a program where In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun become the owners of a convenience store. This program, which has entered season 3, will air starting October 26. Don’t miss watching it.

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